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Best Online Assistant is a talent marketplace that offers work from home – remote job, education and training for people with disabilities to become qualified digital service providers who can create a profile to showcase their portfolio in front of the businesses. Currently we are training them for the most wanted jobs – digital services.
A marketplace that raises awareness in society and takes care of the inclusion and promotion of their capabilities to companies, organizations and to the society.
We are training them for the most wanted jobs – digital services. All online assistants has finished a 4 month course and are holders of Certificate for Digital Marketers.

Digital marketers, beginners and advanced
Social media administrators
Writing articles for blogs, products, news, surveys.
Project writers
Call center
Data entry

People with disabilities has always been a neglected employment group. It is true that there are many measures to encourage the employment of individuals, but not all companies have the confidence to use these benefits, or abuse them.
People need active engagement, with which they will progress, work, improve their budget, contribute to the growth of the economy.

Equal opportunities: For all people with physical disabilities who want equal rights, education and the opportunity to work from home Best Online Assistant and Brand Solution provides free courses with certificates and training designed for their active involvement in the labor market, remote jobs, part time or full time, a great opportunity to show their abilities, which will help them earn more, be equal and valued by working from home.

SEE MY ABILITY, not my disability!

We created an opportunity for a WORLD WITHOUT BARRIERS! “People with disabilities provide businesses and industry with unique opportunities for a diverse workforce and corporate culture, and they are a large consumer market that wants to know which businesses authentically support their goals and dreams.” “Leading companies are rapidly incorporating inclusiveness and believe that the next frontier for valuing a company is social responsibility, and inclusiveness should be included in the mission and vision for their work.”
We try to emphasize their abilities in the most tempting way, thus creating an impact, changing the perception and emphasizing their qualities and values.

Our mission and vision is to show the world that everyone has their own values, talents and experience, and our vision is to remove barriers so that people with disabilities can be independent and equal in society, by choosing and controlling their own lives.

Everyone deserves a decent life!